Verifying workplace vaccinations just got easier.

Introducing VIS powered by CTEH®

The Benefits of Our Custom Vaccination Information System

Make sure you have the tools to keep your team safe.


Private, Secure, and Compliant

All verifications are stored in a GDPR, HIPAA, and PCR-compliance environment, with role-based access for users, keeping accessible data to the minimum needed to complete the task.


Streamlined Process

With our quick, mobile-friendly, interface, users can upload vaccination cards for verification cards in minutes.


Qualified Team Review

Our team is led by trained public health and epidemiological professionals. We've been at the forefront of the COVID-19 response and have had experience with infectious disease outbreaks around the world, including Ebola, avian flu, and more.


Scalable, for your needs

The process is billed by number of card submittals and reviews, eliminating the need for pricey on-site labor rates, the risk of keeping expensive medical professionals on-site during low-volume hours, and the logistical challenges of obtaining card reviewers for a large event. All we need is an estimated number of submittals to
bid on your event.

User Interface

Smooth User Experience

Our process creates a scannable passport, allowing for on-site verification that can also integrate with your existing programs.


The CTEH® Promise

We apply the brightest minds, state-of-the-art science and technology, and conclusive data to resolve complex health, safety, environmental, toxicological, and management challenges. Our experience enables us to manage complex situations better than anyone else.

Let’s build a vaccination verification solution that fits your needs.

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